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ZONSAN, a leading charger foundry established in 2009, is one of the industry's top manufacturers, with over 150 employees, 5,000 square meters of factory space, and a daily production capacity of over 10,000 chargers. The company is highly regarded for its emphasis on charger production and its extensive R&D and manufacturing capabilities. ZONSAN is a leading manufacturer of USB chargers, multi-port chargers, power strips, and other charging accessories, with a diverse range of over 100 models and a commitment to developing at least 10 new products each year. All of ZONSAN's products support a variety of charging protocols, including PD, QC, PPS, and more, and offer power outputs ranging from 5 watts to 240 watts to meet the needs of all customers. CE, KC, RoHS, ETL, NOM, BSMI, SAA and more certifications have been granted to ZONSAN. ZONSAN can also provide assistance in obtaining other necessary certifications.

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