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Dc 5v Charger For Speaker - China Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers

Established in 2009, ZONSAN is a premier charger foundry with a staff of over 150 and a factory spanning 5,000 square meters, producing over 10,000 chargers daily. The company places a strong emphasis on charger production and has extensive R&D and manufacturing capabilities, which have made it one of the industry's top manufacturers. ZONSAN specializes in chargers and power strips, offering over 100 different models of chargers, including PD fast chargers, type C chargers, desktop chargers, and more. Their chargers support multiple protocols such as PD, QC, and PPS, and cover power outputs from 5W to 240W, providing a suitable product for every customer. The company has achieved CB, CE, KC, ETL, RoHS, REACH, GS, and more certifications and has the capacity to assist customers in obtaining other certifications.

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