USB wall Charger 1 port 5V 2.4A 12W EU US black white

Item No.: ZX-1U13
USB Wall Charger 2.4A,smart Phone Charger
USB wall charger 12W is the perfect mains charger for charging all devices compatible with 5W, 10W 12W and Adaptive Fast Charging technology at maximum speed and in complete safety.

USB Ports: 2 ports
Maximum output power: 30W
Input: AC100-240V(50-60HZ) 0.5A Max
Color: White, Black
Plug type: EU.US
Certificates: CE ROHS ERP CB 

2.4A usb wall chargersafe charging charger
  • USB Charger outlet and can provide a full 5 VDC, 2.4A

cell charger 5v 2.4A12w 1 usb charger
  • 100% safe. This Adapter Charger the electronics are designed to prevent overheating, and the protective circuit prevents overloads and short circuits.
2.4A usb wall charger usb wall chargerphone charging power charger
  •  This 12w power charger with a universal USB A output port can charge any iOS or Android device you might own, using the appropriate charging cable.
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